Zoey Goes...Where?! Meet Zoey, a Deaf dog, who loves to see new places with her human partner, Fir. She invites you to join her adventures in a series of e-books narrated in American Sign Language and written English. Come and see her adventures to the dog park in the first e-book!

The Author and Producer


A Deaf Las Vegas native raised by a school teacher, Rachel Berman has developed her love for teaching and stage performance. Going to University of Arizona and then Gallaudet University intensified her passion to educate through language and performance arts.  In addition, she has taught American Sign Language at the college level for 7 years and has a Masters degree from the University of Northern Colorado in Teaching American Sign Language.  When she moved to Denver, she managed ASL Slam Denver. When she's not working, she loves to play with life such as going hiking and skiing.  Her favorite breed of dog is the Border Collie. 



The Illustrator 


Inherited from her mother's artistic gift, Jena Floyd began her love affair of drawing at age two.  She attended Kentucky School for the Deaf and then Gallaudet University.  Jena's inspiration is social change through art, and she supports Deaf Spotlight during her spare time -- besides working as a freelance illustrator.  Her favorite breed of dog is the Whippet.

Special Acknowledgements

Special thanks to:

Adam Stone for spearheading the idea of making ASL/English e-books available using iBook Author,

Loren Ashton for her encouragement and filming the first book,

and the Bermans for their support and feedback.